• 600 Sentences of Certificate A

    600 Sentences of Certificate A

    You may already be competent in some of these areas. Or, you may feel you need to learn or improve on all of them. This book is designed to help you either way. The pretest will pinpoint those critical thinking skills you need help with, and even direct you to the lessons in the book that teach those skills. The lessons themselves not only present the material you need to learn, but give you opportunities to immediately practice using that...

     280 p cit 19/07/2012 148 5

  • 185 TOEFL Writing (TWE) Topics and Model Essays

    185 TOEFL Writing (TWE) Topics and Model Essays

     292 p cit 17/06/2013 225 5

  • Network Security with OpenSSL

    Network Security with OpenSSL

    OpenSSL is a popular and effective open source version of SSL/TLS, the most widely used protocol for secure network communications. The only guide available on the subject, Network Security with OpenSSLdetails the challenges in securing network communications, and shows you how to use OpenSSL tools to best meet those challenges. Focused on the practical, this book provides only the information that is necessary to use OpenSSL safely and...

     338 p cit 07/05/2013 162 4

  • Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS

    Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS

    The combination of PHP and MySQL is the most convenient approach to dynamic, database-driven web design, holding its own in the face of challenges from integrated frameworks—such as Ruby on Rails—that are harder to learn. Due to its open source roots (unlike the competing Microsoft .NET framework), it is free to implement and is therefore an extremely popular option for web development.

     582 p cit 18/04/2013 111 4

  • English Grammar book round-up

    English Grammar book round-up

    Round-up is a 7-level series for young learners from beginner to upper-intermediate. It combines games and fun with systematic practice of English grammar. - Colourful boxes and tables present language clearly; - Lively, illustrated exercises and games make practice fun and effective; - Pre-Tests identify students' difficulties; - Regular Revision sections and Progress Tests consolidate language learning; - CD-ROMs provide more...

     115 p cit 03/05/2013 177 4

  • Beginning Arduino Programming Writing Code for the Most Popular Microcontroller Board in the World

    Beginning Arduino Programming Writing Code for the Most Popular Microcontroller Board in the World

    This book will help you to develop working source code for the Arduino microcontroller. In these pages, we will primarily concern ourselves with the software aspect of physical computing—designing code to work with physical objects that exhibit behavior or interactivity through software. Starting with the basic context of the Arduino platform to getting up and running with our first code, we will discuss the structure and syntax of...

     271 p cit 24/04/2013 155 4

  • The Art of SEO

    The Art of SEO

    THE BOOK BEFORE YOU IS DESIGNED TO BE A COMPLETE AND THOROUGH EDUCATION on search engine optimization for SEO practitioners at all levels. Think of it as SEO 101, SEO 102, and SEO 103. We were inspired to create it because we have not previously seen a comprehensive work on the topic of SEO, and we believe that it is very much needed in our industry. Our goal has been to help simplify a very complex, layered topic and to make it easier for...

     602 p cit 09/05/2013 172 4

  • Learning Spoken English . . . in half the time

    Learning Spoken English . . . in half the time

    You have an opportunity for a better paying job, but you need to improve your English before you can apply. Or, you want to enroll in a university in the United States, but your English is not good enough yet. You have already taken English classes for two years in secondary school. Maybe you have studied more English at the university. You know English grammar and can write, but you need to learn how to speak English.

     42 p cit 03/05/2013 198 4

  • JavaScript For Dummies

    JavaScript For Dummies

    Responding to reader feedback, the author has thoroughly revamped the book with more step-by-step coverage of JavaScript basics, an exclusive focus on Internet Explorer, and many complete sample scripts Updated to cover JavaScript 1.5, the latest release of this popular Web scripting language Using lots of examples, including a sample working Web site, the book shows how to create dynamic and interactive pages, build entire...

     387 p cit 19/07/2012 173 4

  • HTML5: Up and Running

    HTML5: Up and Running

    If you don't know about the new features available in HTML5, now's the time to find out. The latest version of this markup language is going to significantly change the way you develop web applications, and this book provides your first real look at HTML5's new elements and attributes. Even though work on HTML5 is ongoing, browsers such as Safari, Mozilla, Opera, and Chrome already support many of its features -- and browsers for smart phones...

     222 p cit 19/07/2012 143 4

  • Beginning Android Games

    Beginning Android Games

    Hi there, and welcome to the world of Android game development. My name is Mario; I’ll be your guide for the next fourteen chapters. You came here to learn about game development on Android, and I hope to be the person who enables you to realize your ideas. Together we’ll cover quite a range of materials and topics: Android basics, audio and graphics programming, a little math and physics, and a scary thing called OpenGL ES. Based on all...

     679 p cit 08/05/2013 130 4

  • C Sharp Developer Guide

    C Sharp Developer Guide

    When Active Server Pages (ASP) was first introduced almost five years ago, it was seen as an answer to the awkward techniques used at that time for creating dynamic content on the Web. At the time Common Gateway Interface programs or proprietary server plug-ins were the way that most of the Web's dynamic content was created. With the release of ASP 1.0, Microsoft changed all that.

     465 p cit 22/04/2013 118 4

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