• Data Mashups in R

    Data Mashups in R

    Programmers may spend a good part of their careers scripting code to conform to commercial statistics packages, visualization tools, and domain-specific third-party software. The same tasks can force end users to spend countless hours in copy-paste purgatory, each minor change necessitating another grueling round of formatting tabs and screenshots. Luckily, R scripting offers some reprieve. Because this open source project garners the support...

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  • Effective UI

    Effective UI

    When the Internet first came online in 1969, it linked computer systems the size of two-car garages that had only a tiny fraction of the power of a modern smartphone. They were programmed and maintained by researchers and scientists, and performed functions that would be ludicrously rudimentary by today’s standards. The complexity and size of these systems ensured that computers and software were pretty remote from the everyday lives and...

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  • Ubuntu Linux Bible

    Ubuntu Linux Bible

    ALinux distribution is basically the sum of the things that you need to run Linux on your computer. There are many different Linux distributions, each with their own target audience, set of features, administrative tools, and fan club, the latter of which is more properly known as a user community. Putting aside the downright fanatics, most of the members of the user community for any Linux distribution are people who just happen to find...

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  • Creating HTML5 Animations with Flash and Wallaby

    Creating HTML5 Animations with Flash and Wallaby

    Adobe Wallaby is a tool that is used to convert animated content created in Flash Professional to HTML5 so that it may be viewed using many of the standards-compliant browsers available today. In doing so, Wallaby enables you to use a mature animation tool, like Flash Professional, to produce compelling animations and creative content for the standard Web.

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  • Geolocation in iOS

    Geolocation in iOS

    This book provides an introduction to the hot topic of location on the iOS platform. If you are a programmer who has had some experience with iOS before, this book will help you push your knowledge further. If you are an experienced Mac programmer and are already familiar with Objective-C as a language, this book will dive deeper into Core Location and Map Kit, as well as some of the more important third-party tools, to give you a close look...

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  • Flash Game Development by Example

    Flash Game Development by Example

    With the Flash games market in continuous expansion, it's no surprise more and more developers are putting their efforts into the creation of Flash games. Anyway, what makes Flash games development different from other kinds of casual game development is the budget required to make it a commercial success.

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  • The quick Python book second edition

    The quick Python book second edition

    I’ve been coding in Python for a number of years, longer than any other language I’ve ever used. I use Python for system administration, for web applications, for database management, and sometimes just to help myself think clearly. To be honest, I’m sometimes a little surprised that Python has worn so well. Based on my earlier experience, I would have expected that by now some other language would have come along that was faster,...

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  • Joomla! Mobile Development Beginner's Guide

    Joomla! Mobile Development Beginner's Guide

    Joomla! is one of the most popular open source Content Management Systems, actively developed and supported by a world-wide user community. Although it's a fun and feature-rich tool, it can be challenging to get beyond the basics with Joomla! and build a mobile website that meets your needs perfectly. Using this book you can create dynamic, interactive mobile web sites that perfectly fit your needs.

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  • Python Web Development with Django

    Python Web Development with Django

    Greetings, and welcome to Django! We’re glad to have you along on our journey.You will discover a powerful Web application framework that lets you do everything rapidly—from designing and developing the original application to updating its features and functionality without requiring major changes to the codebase.

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  • Learning OpenCV Computer Vision with the OpenCV library

    Learning OpenCV Computer Vision with the OpenCV library

    Th is book provides a working guide to the Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) and also provides a general background to the fi eld of computer vision suffi to use OpenCV eff ectively.

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  • Oracle 11g For Dummies

    Oracle 11g For Dummies

    If you are reading this text, chances are you’re considering throwing yourself into the wonderful world of Oracle database administration. The good news is, you have come to right place. The bad news? Well, it’s not really bad news . . . but you have quite an adventure ahead of you. Luckily, the authors of this book, your guides in this adventure, can help smooth out any bumpy roads. With over 35 years of combined Oracle experience, we...

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  • OSGi in Action Creating Modular Applications in Java

    OSGi in Action Creating Modular Applications in Java

    When I started working with OSGi technology back in 2000, I would’ve never guessed I’d still be working with it a decade later. Back then, OSGi was targeting the embedded market niche, but that wasn’t my area of interest. I wanted to create highly dynamic, modular applications, and OSGi gave me the possibility of doing so. At the time, there weren’t any freely available OSGi framework implementations; so I started working on my own...

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