• MySQLPocket Reference 2nd Edition

    MySQLPocket Reference 2nd Edition

    When I fly across the country, I often pass the hours programming on my PowerBook. If that programming involves MySQL, I inevitably end up lugging around the book I cowrote, Managing and Using MySQL (O’Reilly). I don’t carry around the book to show it off; the problem is that no matter how experienced you are with MySQL, you never know when you will need to look up the exact syntax of an obscure function or SQL statement.

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  • Access 2007 VBA Bible

    Access 2007 VBA Bible

    Welcome to the Access 2007 VBA Bible. Like all books in the Bible series, you can expect to find both hands-on tutorials and real-world practical application information, as well as reference and background information that provides a context for what you are learning. This book is a fairly comprehensive resource on writing VBA code to exchange data among the main Office applications (Access, Word, Excel, and Outlook), using Access as the...

     722 p cit 02/05/2013 29 1

  • Tuscany SCA in Action

    Tuscany SCA in Action

    What brought the five of us together to write a book on Apache Tuscany and Service Component Architecture (SCA)? We all had practical experience of how difficult and costly integration of applications and technologies can be, and we were excited about how Tuscany and SCA can help solve these problems. Having been involved with Tuscany and the SCA specifications from the early days, we understood the potential of this new technology and wanted...

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  • Leveraging Drupal Getting Your Site Done Right

    Leveraging Drupal Getting Your Site Done Right

    Drupal is an Open Source, community-based Content Management System (CMS) and Website Application Development Framework that allows individuals, organizations, businesses, government agencies, and social classes to create interactive, media-based database-driven websites where they can carry out a significant portion of their activities.

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  • ASP.NET at Work: Building 10 Enterprise ProjectsEric SmithJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc..ASP.NET at

    ASP.NET at Work: Building 10 Enterprise ProjectsEric SmithJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc..ASP.NET at

    ASP.NET at Work: Building 10 Enterprise Projects Eric Smith John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ASP.NET at Work: Building 10 Enterprise Projects Eric Smith Wiley Computer Publishing John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Publisher: Robert Ipsen Editor: Theresa Hudson Managing Editor: Angela Smith New Media Editor: Brian Snapp Text Design & Composition: John Wiley Composition Services Designations used by companies to distinguish their products are often claimed...

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  • Gray Hat Hacking The Ethical Hacker’s Handbook Third Edition

    Gray Hat Hacking The Ethical Hacker’s Handbook Third Edition

    The goal of this book is to help produce more highly skilled security professionals who are dedicated to protecting against malicious hacking activity. It has been proven over and over again that it is important to understand one’s enemies, including their tactics, skills, tools, and motivations. Corporations and nations have enemies that are very dedicated and talented. We must work together to understand the enemies’ processes and...

     721 p cit 03/05/2013 29 2

  • Head First Ajax

    Head First Ajax

    With traditional web pages and applications, every time a user clicks on something, the browser sends a request to the server, and the server responds with a whole new page. Even if your user’s web browser is smart about caching things like images and cascading style sheets, that’s a lot of traffic going back and forth between their browser and your server... and a lot of time that the user sits around waiting for full page refreshes.

     478 p cit 25/04/2013 29 1

  • SharePoint Apps with LightSwitch

    SharePoint Apps with LightSwitch

    This book is about developing SharePoint applications using Microsoft’s Visual Studio LightSwitch product. The overall goal of this book is to present enough information by way of worked examples to help you get started writing SharePoint applications using Visual Studio LightSwitch. Microsoft offers Visual Studio LightSwitch as both a stand-alone product and as an add-on to the full version of Visual Studio. Most of the sample applications...

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  • Connect Database with PHP Website

    Connect Database with PHP Website

    This chapter will talk about the way to manage MySQL database by using PHP. PHP has lots of function and method to do operation with MySQL such as creating new database, creating new table, managing data in the table, etc.

     17 p cit 23/04/2013 29 1

  • HTML & XML for beginners

    HTML & XML for beginners

    Thanks to Casey Doyle, Aileen Wrothwell, Sally Stickney, Jim Johnson, Rita Breedlove, and the rest of the Microsoft Press gang for trusting me with this project and maintaining such an unbelievable level of quality with the content of the book. An enormous thanks goes to my literary agent, Chris Van Buren, who keeps me in business. And finally, a special thanks goes to my wife, Masheed, my parents, and all of my wonderful friends and family...

     417 p cit 22/04/2013 29 1

  • Programming Concurrency on the JVM

    Programming Concurrency on the JVM

    Speed. Aside from caffeine, nothing quickens the pulse of a programmer as much as the blazingly fast execution of a piece of code. How can we fulfill the need for computational speed? Moore’s law takes us some of the way, but multicore is the real future. To take full advantage of multicore, we need to program with concurrency in mind.

     282 p cit 25/04/2013 29 1

  • PROFESSIONAL Android™ Sensor Programming

    PROFESSIONAL Android™ Sensor Programming

    ANDROIDS ARE ALIVE. THEY CAN LOCATE THEMSELVES, see, listen, and understand speech. They can sense radio signals and detect orientation, movement, and environmental properties. Can your computer do all of that? The availability of sensors is one feature Android devices have that makes them different from other computers. Without sensors, an Android device is just an underpowered, mobile web browser with a screen that is too small and has an...

     556 p cit 24/04/2013 28 1

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