• Communicating Design Second edition

    Communicating Design Second edition

    Design is a complex process composed of many smaller activities: listening, analyzing, evaluating, brainstorming, synthesizing, experimenting, composing, describing, discussing, exploring, reacting, and countless others. Documenting is not one of these activities, but engaging in any of these activities yields artifacts—diagrams, notes, sketches, lists, inventories, annotations, and larger documents—that result from the act of performing...

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  • Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies

    Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies

    Your time is precious, and you probably bought this book because you have a specific project in mind and need to get it off the ground quickly. Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies is designed to take you through the process of starting a business blog from beginning to end, including how to use blogs to generate buzz about your products, services, and business.

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  • ASP.NET 2.0 Everyday Apps for Dummies

    ASP.NET 2.0 Everyday Apps for Dummies

    Welcome to ASP.NET 2.0 Everyday Apps For Dummies, the book that teaches ASP.NET 2.0 Web programming by example. In this book, you’ll find eight complete ASP.NET applications. We’re not talking trivial Hello-World-type applications here. Instead, they’re real-world applications like shopping carts and discussion forums. You can use any of them as-is, or modify them as you see fit. So you’ve got workable stuff already included.

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  • Access VBA Programming for Dummies

    Access VBA Programming for Dummies

    Welcome to Access VBA Programming For Dummies. As you (hopefully) already know, Microsoft Access is a huge database management program, offering lots of ways to manage data (information). Common uses of Access include managing mailing lists, memberships, scientific and statistical data, an entire small business, and just about anything else that involves storing and managing large amounts of information.

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  • Mobile internet Enabling Technologies and Services

    Mobile internet Enabling Technologies and Services

    The migration of the most common Internet services to a mobile environment has long been an evolving demand of both business and consumer markets. The ability to be connected to the Internet while on the go and to benefit from using such applications as e-mail, instant messaging, audio and video streaming, Web browsing, and e-commerce creates an exciting new lifestyle and sets the foundation for increased work efficiency and productivity. In...

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  • Sams Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 24 Hours 5th Edition

    Sams Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 24 Hours 5th Edition

    Welcome to Sams Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 24 Hours, Fifth Edition. This book provides a clear and concise introduction to TCP/IP for newcomers, and also for users who have worked with TCP/IP but would like a little more of the inside story. Unlike other networking primers that point and click around the hard topics, Sams Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 24 Hours takes you down deep into the technology. You’ll learn about all the important protocols...

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  • Twisted Network Programming Essentials 2nd Edition

    Twisted Network Programming Essentials 2nd Edition

    This book is about Twisted, an open source, event-driven networking engine written in Python. Twisted supports many common transport and application layer protocols, including TCP, UDP, SSL/TLS, HTTP, IMAP, SSH, IRC, and FTP. Like the language in which it is written, it is “batteries-included”; Twisted comes with client and server implementations for all of its protocols, as well as utilities that make it easy to configure and deploy...

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  • OpenSocial Network Programming

    OpenSocial Network Programming

    OpenSocial is a new and exciting platform that allows you to create and deploy social networking applications on multiple networks, including MySpace, hi5, imeem, Friendster, Netlog, orkut, and more. It is an alternative to the single-container Facebook-only API used by Facebook. This book teaches you step by step how to create viral and engaging social network applications using OpenSocial. Also discussed are front-end and back-end issues,...

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  • Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step

    Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step

    In a modern home, it is no longer unusual for family members to own multiple computers and network devices. In most houses, you can find at least a desktop computer, which is generally used for more performance-intensive tasks such as gaming or professional work of any kind. Parents bring home their work laptops or notebooks, which they use to connect to their business network and do a bit of work outside the office, when needed. Children also...

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    Nowhere is the term hacker more misconstrued than in the network security field. This is understandable because the very same tools that network security professionals use to probe the robustness of their own networks also can be used to launch attacks on any machine on the Internet. The difference between system administrators legitimately testing their own machines and system crackers attempting to gain unauthorized access isn’t so much a...

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  • Network Security Assessment

    Network Security Assessment

    Computer hackers routinely break into corporate, military, online banking, and other networked environments. Even in 2007, as I am writing this second edition of Network Security Assessment, I still perform incident response work in these sectors. As systems generally become more secure, the methods used by these attackers are becoming more advanced, involving intricate repositioning, social engineering, physical compromise (stealing disks...

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  • Learning WML & WMLScript

    Learning WML & WMLScript

    The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is an industry-wide specification for applications that operate over wireless networks, with particular emphasis on applications for mobile devices, especially mobile phones. The standards are published by the WAP Forum, a body formed in June 1997 by Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, and Unwired Planet, which has since been joined by over a hundred other companies, including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Visa, and...

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