• Objective-C Fundamentals

    Objective-C Fundamentals

    Having been involved in the development of applications on a variety of mobile platforms for more than 10 years, I knew the iPhone was something exciting when it was first introduced back in 2008. From a consumer viewpoint, it had the intangible and hard-to-define elements required to make a compelling device that you just wanted to keep coming back to and interact with. To the user, the device “felt right” and it was a pleasure to use...

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  • Instant New iPad Features in iOS 6 How-to

    Instant New iPad Features in iOS 6 How-to

    Apple's iPad has revolutionized the way we consume and edit content. This has resulted in a major shift that many are now starting to adopt. The new iPad's display and processing power allow for a rich media experience that is unlike any other. Instead of solely consuming media, you can create, edit, and manage everything from Excel documents to HD home movies. The multi-touch interface makes creating and editing intuitive. iCloud syncs...

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  • More iOS6 Development Further Explorations of the iOS SDK

    More iOS6 Development Further Explorations of the iOS SDK

    So, you’re still creating iPhone applications, huh? Great! iOS and the App Store have enjoyed tremendous success, fundamentally changing the way mobile applications are delivered and completely changing what people expect from their mobile devices. Since the first release of the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) way back in March 2008, Apple has been busily adding new functionality and improving what was already there. It’s no less...

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  • Mobile Development with C#

    Mobile Development with C#

    As you start to look at getting into mobile development, it can be overwhelming to try and choose between all the different options and platforms available to you. Each platform comes with its own set of tools, preferred languages, and overall way of doing things. In many cases, you won’t want to restrict your application to a single platform, so naturally you’ll start looking for ways to reuse your code across the different platforms. If...

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  • Migrating to iPhone and iPad for .NET Developers

    Migrating to iPhone and iPad for .NET Developers

    Ever since I spotted and started reading my first computer book in 1981, I knew Information Technology (IT) was going to be an important part of my life. I feel privileged to have been able to make a career out of something I enjoy, and the fact that it changes on what seems to be a monthly basis means it never gets boring. It still astounds me that mobile telephones have come so far in such a short time; and when the iPhone was launched, I...

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  • Microsoft Azure: Enterprise Application Development

    Microsoft Azure: Enterprise Application Development

    Microsoft's Azure platform is an exciting offering in the cloud services market space. Designed to compete with Google AppEngine and Amazon Web Services, Azure stresses a familiar development environment (primarily .NET, SQL Server, and Visual Studio) with a rich set of capabilities. In addition to using Windows Azure to host web applications and services, SQL Azure provides a relational database in the cloud, and Access Control can be...

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  • .NET Framework Professional Projects

    .NET Framework Professional Projects

    This book is designed as a “getting started” book for those programmers who want to get into programming using the predominant .NET languages, Visual Basic.NET and C#. In addition, the book enables readers to have a quick start on other salient programming features of the .NET Framework, such as Web services and mobile applications. This book is aimed at readers with programming knowledge of earlier versions of languages, such as Visual...

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  • MATLAB Graphics and Data Visualization Cookbook

    MATLAB Graphics and Data Visualization Cookbook

    MATLAB Graphics and Data Visualization is a cookbook with recipes providing a menu of graphs to rapidly identify the type of plot appropriate for your data. The step-by-step recipe style allows applying the techniques to your data within a short time. Several attractive customizations are provided as functions that can be easily integrated into your data analysis workflow. The hand created indexing into the recipes makes navigation through the...

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  • Mastering Joomla! 1.5 Extension and Framework Development second Edition

    Mastering Joomla! 1.5 Extension and Framework Development second Edition

    This book will guide you through the complexities of implementing components, modules, and plugins in Joomla! 1.5. It provides useful reference material that explains many of the advanced design features and classes available in Joomla! 1.5. Joomla! is one of the world's top open source content management systems. The main sources of the PHP MySQL application's success are its comprehensive extension libraries, which extend Joomla! far beyond...

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  • OS X Lion All-in-One For Dummies

    OS X Lion All-in-One For Dummies

    Elegant. I remember the first moment I moved a mouse across a Mac OS X Desktop. At that time, it was the beta of version 10.0 — and I very well remember the word elegant as my first impression. (My second impression was UNIX done better.) That’s really saying something because I’m an old operating system curmudgeon: I cut my computing teeth on Atari, Commodore 64, and TRS-80 Model III machines, and I still feel much at home in the...

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  • Managing Projects with GNU Make

    Managing Projects with GNU Make

    My first exposure to make was as an undergraduate at Berkeley in 1979. I was thrilled to be working with the “latest” equipment: a DEC PDP 11/70 with 128 kilobytes of RAM, an ADM 3a “glass tty,” Berkeley Unix, and 20 other simultaneous users! Once, when an assignment was due, I remember timing how long it took to log in— five minutes from typing my username until I got a prompt.

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  • Macs For Seniors For Dummies 2nd Edition

    Macs For Seniors For Dummies  2nd Edition

    Is a Macintosh the computer for you? I can unequivocally answer, “Yes!” Why am I so sure? Because Apple has been producing the best consumer computers and programs for many years now — desktops, laptops, and software that surpass anything else now offered on the market. (Yes, that includes companies you’ve heard of, such as Dell, Microsoft, and Gateway.) Macs are designed to be easy and fun to use, and computing beginners will find...

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