• Beginning JavaScript 4th Edition 2010

    Beginning JavaScript 4th Edition 2010

    JavaScript is the definitive language for making the Web a dynamic, rich, interactive medium. This guide to JavaScript builds on the success of previous editions and introduces you to many new advances in JavaScript development. The reorganization of the chapters helps streamline your learning process while new examples provide you with updated JavaScript programming techniques.

     793 p cit 19/07/2012 172 5

  • Beginning Android Games

    Beginning Android Games

    Hi there, and welcome to the world of Android game development. My name is Mario; I’ll be your guide for the next fourteen chapters. You came here to learn about game development on Android, and I hope to be the person who enables you to realize your ideas. Together we’ll cover quite a range of materials and topics: Android basics, audio and graphics programming, a little math and physics, and a scary thing called OpenGL ES. Based on all...

     679 p cit 08/05/2013 128 4

  • JavaScript For Dummies

    JavaScript For Dummies

    Responding to reader feedback, the author has thoroughly revamped the book with more step-by-step coverage of JavaScript basics, an exclusive focus on Internet Explorer, and many complete sample scripts Updated to cover JavaScript 1.5, the latest release of this popular Web scripting language Using lots of examples, including a sample working Web site, the book shows how to create dynamic and interactive pages, build entire...

     387 p cit 19/07/2012 173 4

  • HTML5: Up and Running

    HTML5: Up and Running

    If you don't know about the new features available in HTML5, now's the time to find out. The latest version of this markup language is going to significantly change the way you develop web applications, and this book provides your first real look at HTML5's new elements and attributes. Even though work on HTML5 is ongoing, browsers such as Safari, Mozilla, Opera, and Chrome already support many of its features -- and browsers for smart phones...

     222 p cit 19/07/2012 142 4

  • PHP & MySQL For Dummies 3rd Edition

    PHP & MySQL For Dummies 3rd Edition

    Welcome to the exciting world of Web database applications. This book provides the basic techniques to build any Web database application, but I certainly recommend that you start with a simple one. In this book, I develop two sample applications, both chosen to represent two types of applications frequently encountered on the Web: product catalogs and customer- or member-only sites that require the user to register and log in with a password....

     455 p cit 08/05/2013 126 3

  • Droid 2 For Dummies

    Droid 2 For Dummies

    Don’t be fooled: Just because the Droid 2 is a smartphone doesn’t mean that it’s harboring some form of insidious intelligence. There’s no alien brain in the device. It isn’t going to take over the world, though it can intimidate you — that is, until you understand and accept that it’s your phone. The Droid 2 is a gizmo that helps make your life a heck of a lot easier. The key to understanding an amazing piece of technology...

     388 p cit 02/05/2013 126 2

  • Software Engineering & Testing

    Software Engineering & Testing

    The role of software engineering cannot be neglected in the field of software development. The advent of computers introduced the need for software and the quality of software introduced the need for software engineering. Software engineering has come a long way since 1968, when the term was first used at a NATO conference, and software itself has entered our lives in ways that few had anticipated, even a decade ago. So a firm grounding in...

     529 p cit 03/05/2013 140 2

  • Machine Learning for Hackers

    Machine Learning for Hackers

    To explain the perspective from which this book was written, it will be helpful to define the terms machine learning and hackers. What is machine learning? At the highest level of abstraction, we can think of machine learning as a set of tools and methods that attempt to infer patterns and extract insight from a record of the observable world. For example, if we are trying to teach a computer to recognize the zip codes written on the fronts of...

     322 p cit 06/05/2013 129 2

  • Machine Learning in Action

    Machine Learning in Action

    After college I went to work for Intel in California and mainland China. Originally my plan was to go back to grad school after two years, but time flies when you are having fun, and two years turned into six. I realized I had to go back at that point, and I didn’t want to do night school or online learning, I wanted to sit on campus and soak up everything a university has to offer. The best part of college is not the classes you take or...

     382 p cit 06/05/2013 97 2

  • Natural Language Annotation for Machine Learning

    Natural Language Annotation for Machine Learning

    This book is intended as a resource for people who are interested in using computers to help process natural language. A "natural language" refers to any language spoken by humans, either currently (e.g., English, Chinese, Spanish) or in the past (e.g., Latin, Greek, Sankrit). “Annotation” refers to the process of adding metadata information to the text in order to augment a computer’s abilities to perform Natural Language Processing...

     97 p cit 06/05/2013 105 2

  • Photoshop Lab Color

    Photoshop Lab Color

    LAB has a reputation for enormous power, yet virtually all reference materials that advocate its use illustrate its capabilities with a single class of image. This chapter introduces the basic LAB correction method and explains why it is so extraordinarily effective—if you happen to have a picture of a canyon.eep in Death Valley, land of desolation and summertime heat in the high 120s, a narrow canyon holds several lessons about color,

     350 p cit 19/07/2012 115 2

  • Macs For Seniors For Dummies 2nd Edition

    Macs For Seniors For Dummies  2nd Edition

    Is a Macintosh the computer for you? I can unequivocally answer, “Yes!” Why am I so sure? Because Apple has been producing the best consumer computers and programs for many years now — desktops, laptops, and software that surpass anything else now offered on the market. (Yes, that includes companies you’ve heard of, such as Dell, Microsoft, and Gateway.) Macs are designed to be easy and fun to use, and computing beginners will find...

     387 p cit 07/05/2013 121 2

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