• Shell Scripting expert recipes for linux, Bash, and more

    Shell Scripting expert recipes for linux, Bash, and more

    The shell is the standard interface to every Unix and Linux system; users and administrators alike have experience with the shell, and combining commands into shell scripts is a natural progression. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg. The shell is actually a full programming language, with variables and functions, and also more advanced structures such as arrays (including associative arrays), and being so directly linked to the...

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  • Rudy on Rails Bible

    Rudy on Rails Bible

    In July 2004 David Heinemeier Hansson released Ruby on Rails, a Web framework for the Ruby programming language. It quickly gained momentum and became notorious for being a highly productive Model-View-Controller (MVC) Web framework that was particularly well suited to Agile development. Favoring sensible conventions over verbose confi guration fi les, Rails (as it is often called for short) aimed to simplify and improve the lives of...

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  • RESTful Java with JAX-RS

    RESTful Java with JAX-RS

    The bulk of my career has been spent working with and implementing distributed middleware. In the mid-’90s I worked for the parent company of Open Environment Corporation, working on DCE tools. Later on, I worked for Iona, developing their nextgeneration CORBA ORB. Currently, I work for the JBoss division of Red Hat, which is entrenched in Java middleware, specifically Java EE. So, you could say that I have a pretty rich perspective when it...

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  • Rails for .NET Developers

    Rails for .NET Developers

    As a .NET developer, you’ve probably heard the buzz surrounding Ruby on Rails. It’s true: Rails enables you to create database-driven web applications with remarkable speed and ease. And like many other open source projects, Rails has been most easily adopted by individuals and organizations already immersed in the open source community. That means, as a Microsoft developer, you face unique challenges learning not just Rails but all the...

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  • Quick Guide to Flash Catalyst

    Quick Guide to Flash Catalyst

    Adobe Flash is one of the most powerful products in the Adobe Creative Suite family. With their frequent enhancements and developments, Adobe Flash has become a versatile multitasking application that allows you to create websites, desktop applications, mobile applications, cartoon animations, and more. The secret behind Flash is that it has been developed side by side with the newest trends in web technology, such as the Rich Internet...

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  • Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

    Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

    Many entrepreneurs rely heavily on web designers. In addition to designing and updating the web site for the entrepreneur, web designers also often assist with areas such as domain name registration and hosting. Some entrepreneurs have found that this heavy reliance can turn into a nightmare in the event their relationship with their designer sours or they just want to make a change. In some cases these entrepreneurs have found that their web...

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  • Android User Interface Development Beginner's Guide

    Android User Interface Development Beginner's Guide

    On 9th January, 2007, Apple officially launched the iPhone, and the world of user interface design shifted. While tablet PCs had been around for a while, the iPhone was the first device to give so many people a portable touchscreen, and people loved it. Just over a year later, Google and the Open Handset Alliance announced Android which in many ways is the direct competitor to iPhone.

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  • Beginning Android Games

    Beginning Android Games

    Hi there, and welcome to the world of Android game development. My name is Mario; I’ll be your guide for the next fourteen chapters. You came here to learn about game development on Android, and I hope to be the person who enables you to realize your ideas. Together we’ll cover quite a range of materials and topics: Android basics, audio and graphics programming, a little math and physics, and a scary thing called OpenGL ES. Based on all...

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  • Professional WordPress Plugin Development

    Professional WordPress Plugin Development

    DEAR READER, thank you for picking up this book! You have probably heard about WordPress already, the most popular self - hosted content management system (CMS) and blogging software in use today. WordPress powers literally millions of Web sites on the Internet, including high profi le sites such as TechCrunch and CNN ’ s blog. What makes WordPress so popular is that it ’ s free, open source, and extendable beyond limits. Thanks to a...

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  • Professional WordPress design and development

    Professional WordPress design and development

    DEAR READER, Thank you for picking up this book. WordPress is the most popular self-hosted website software in use today. It is available as an open source project, licensed under the GPL, and is built largely on top of the MySQL database and PHP programming language. Any server environment that supports that simple combination can run WordPress, making it remarkably portable as well as simple to install and operate. You don’t need to be a...

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  • Professional flash mobile development creating Android and iPhone Applications

    Professional flash mobile development creating Android and iPhone Applications

    The world is no longer flat for Flash developers. While Flash may have originated for running inside the browser, there are now many more dimensions on which to deploy Flash-based applications. The desktop came first with the Adobe AIR runtime environment. The mobile world follows, with Adobe providing solutions for most (though not all) mobile devices you can think of, starting with Android and iOS.

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  • Professional Cross-Platform Mobile Development in C#

    Professional Cross-Platform Mobile Development in C#

    PEOPLE TAKE UP MOBILE DEVELOPMENT these days for a lot of reasons. For some it is all about learning something new, but for many it comes out of necessity of a job or career. Perhaps you see mobile development as the next big thing, just like client-server development was in the 1990s, or web development became in the 2000s. Maybe you’ve been asked to learn more about mobile development techniques and technologies to make a recommendation to...

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