• R Graphics Cookbook

    R Graphics Cookbook

    I started using R several years ago to analyze data I had collected for my research in graduate school. My motivation at first was to escape from the restrictive environments and canned analyses offered by statistical programs like SPSS. And even better, because it’s freely available, I didn’t need to convince someone to buy me a copy of the software—very important for a poor graduate student! As I delved deeper into R, I discovered...

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  • Professional SharePoint 2013 Development

    Professional SharePoint 2013 Development

    IF YOU ALREADY HAVE SOME exposure to the SharePoint platform and its complementary technologies, you probably know that SharePoint is a versatile platform for building solutions that address a wide range of business needs. The growing importance and use of SharePoint in general has played an important role in the investment Microsoft has made in this platform over the years. Today, the latest version of this great product is SharePoint 2013!

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  • Professional SharePoint 2010 Development

    Professional SharePoint 2010 Development

    THIS BOOK IS FOR ANYONE INTERESTED in developing applications on top of SharePoint 2010. While some knowledge is assumed about SharePoint, readers will fi nd the examples comprehensive and easy to follow if they have previous knowledge of web development and development tools.

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  • Professional sharePoint 2010 Branding and User interface Design

    Professional sharePoint 2010 Branding and User interface Design

    When it comes to working with SharePoint, there always seems to be a gap between developers and designers. To make the SharePoint user interface really look nice requires a designer who is comfortable with design theory and traditional web technologies and has the ability to deal with topics that are traditionally handled by developers. When you first look at trying to brand a SharePoint site, it can often seem like an insurmountable task;...

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  • Professional Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

    Professional Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

    “ Can you make it look less like SharePoint? ” Such a simple question, and yet, like someone opening the lid to Pandora ’ s Box, the customer asking it can release a whole range of troubles into the life of a web designer. The latest release of Microsoft SharePoint products has taken the world by storm. Faster than anyone could have foreseen, businesses large and small have discovered that SharePoint addresses a range of needs, and have...

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  • Pro Wicket

    Pro Wicket

    Welcome to Wicket, an open source, lightweight, component-based Java web framework that brings the Java Swing event-based programming model to web development. Componentbased web frameworks are being touted as the future of Java web development, and Wicket is easily one of the leading implementations in this area. Wicket strives for a clean separation of the roles of HTML page designer and Java developer by supporting plain-vanilla HTML...

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  • Pro Spring MVC: with web Flow

    Pro Spring MVC: with web Flow

    Before you can really start your journey into Spring MVC, you need to make sure you have your development environment set up right. This chapter will begin by walking you through that process. Next, it will provide some details about the sample bookstore application that ships with this book. But before going into either the details of the development environment or the sample application, this chapter will provide an overview of the...

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  • Pro Spring Integration

    Pro Spring Integration

    The majority of the open source Java frameworks have focused on supporting database-backed websites. Developers have leveraged these frameworks to create highly scalable and performant vertical applications using projects such as Spring and Hibernate. Recently, a number of frameworks have been developed with the purpose of solving the horizontal problem of integrating data and services between disparate applications across the enterprise....

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  • Pro Excel Financial Modeling Building Models for Technology Startups

    Pro Excel Financial Modeling Building Models for Technology Startups

    This book outlines smart business strategies for building a technology startup and provides a comprehensive guide to building a financial model of the company. I wrote this book to share my entrepreneuring experience and to help the entrepreneur avoid many of the obstacles and hazards that I encountered while leading and participating in early-stage companies. This book is important because it combines logical business thinking and strategies...

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  • Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java with JUnit the pragmatic starter kit volume II

    Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java with JUnit the pragmatic starter kit volume II

    Welcome to the world of developer-centric unit testing! We hope you nd this book to be a valuable resource for yourself and your project team. You can tell us how it helped you— or let us know how we can improve—by visiting the Pragmatic Unit Testing page on our web site2 and clicking on “Feedback.”

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  • Pragmatic Thinking and Learning Refactor Your “Wetware”

    Pragmatic Thinking and Learning Refactor Your “Wetware”

    Welcome! Thanks for picking up this book. Together, we’re going to journey through bits of cognitive science, neuroscience, and learning and behavioral theory. You’ll see surprising aspects of how our brains work and see how you can beat the system to improve your own learning and thinking skills.

     281 p cit 08/05/2013 38 1

  • Portlets in Action

    Portlets in Action

    I first came across the Java Portlet technology in 2006. I was working on a data warehousing project, and data from different sources was managed by a portal application. My first encounter with the technology wasn’t a pleasant one—I faced issues with inter-portlet communication, Ajax, file downloading, and so on. After a lot of struggles and analysis, I was able to get past the limitations inherent in Portlet 1.0 by building ad hoc...

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