• Planning and Managing Drupal Projects

    Planning and Managing Drupal Projects

    If you’re reading this book, you’re probably a web designer who has heard of Drupal, wants to get started with it, and may have even tried it out a couple of times. And you might be frustrated because even if you’re used to code, Drupal has thrown you a major learning curve that you hadn’t expected. And just when you think you’ve gotten a basic site together, now you have to figure out how to make it look right—and the whole...

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  • Using CiviCRM

    Using CiviCRM

    CiviCRM is a web-based, open source Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system, designed specifically to meet the needs of advocacy, non-profit, and non-governmental organizations. Elected officials, professional/trade associations, political campaigns and parties, government agencies, and other similar organizations are among its growing number of enthusiastic users. This book shows you how to harness CiviCRM's impressive array of...

     464 p cit 08/05/2013 51 1

  • OSGi in Depth

    OSGi in Depth

    I started working with OSGi in about 2006. This was back in the days of BEA and Web-Logic. Our goal was a very ambitious one: to create a new application server profiled for a particular vertical market—financial front offices. The journey has been a long one. But as they say, it is not just about reaching the destination, but rather about the journey. I’ve learned more than I expected along the way. I’ve learned how to better develop...

     394 p cit 08/05/2013 57 1

  • OSGi in Action Creating Modular Applications in Java

    OSGi in Action Creating Modular Applications in Java

    When I started working with OSGi technology back in 2000, I would’ve never guessed I’d still be working with it a decade later. Back then, OSGi was targeting the embedded market niche, but that wasn’t my area of interest. I wanted to create highly dynamic, modular applications, and OSGi gave me the possibility of doing so. At the time, there weren’t any freely available OSGi framework implementations; so I started working on my own...

     573 p cit 08/05/2013 108 1

  • Online Surveys For Dummies

    Online Surveys For Dummies

    Online research can be exciting, revealing, and an exercise in greater profitability for your company — or it can be arduous, time-wasting, and downright frustrating. Your experience depends largely on the tools you use to conduct your online research . . . and the knowledge you have about how to use those tools. Consider this book a tool to help you streamline your online survey building and promotional processes.

     364 p cit 07/05/2013 37 2

  • Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

    Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

    Welcome to Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies. Long-time Mac aficionados as well as recent switchers and newbies alike will discover valuable tips, find advice, and learn from how-to-do-it instructions throughout the pages of this book.

     844 p cit 07/05/2013 108 1

  • Office 2010 THE MISSING MANUAL

    Office 2010 THE MISSING MANUAL

    Office—it’s where millions of people head to work each day, and it’s also how they get stuff done once they get there. Whether you’re crunching numbers in a spreadsheet, writing a novel between meetings, or building a slideshow, chances are you’ve worked with an Office program. Microsoft’s money-making powerhouse has long been the world’s most popular collection of productivity tools. Office 2010—more powerful, flexible, and...

     956 p cit 07/05/2013 107 1

  • Microsoft Office 2010 Bible

    Microsoft Office 2010 Bible

    Welcome to the Microsoft Office 2010 Bible. This book provides the information you need to get up and running with the applications in the latest version of the Microsoft Office 2010 suite.

     1347 p cit 07/05/2013 105 1

  • New Programmer’s Survival Manual NavigateYour Workplace, Cube Farm, or Startup

    New Programmer’s Survival Manual NavigateYour Workplace, Cube Farm, or Startup

    You may find some similarity between your experience and where I stood in college in 1995: I started on a traditional path, a computer science and electrical engineering program at Duke University. I went to my advisor, asking about classes that would best prepare me for working in industry. He was a smart guy—a Rhodes scholar and rising star in the engineering school—and he responded, “I have no idea. I’ve never worked a day in...

     246 p cit 07/05/2013 36 1

  • Instant Munin Plugin Starter

    Instant Munin Plugin Starter

    Welcome to the Instant Munin Plugin Starter. This book provides you with all the information that you need to set up a Munin cluster and expand it. We will also teach you how to write your own Munin plugins.

     62 p cit 07/05/2013 100 1

  • MOS Study Guide Office 365

    MOS Study Guide Office 365

    In this book’s four chapters, you’ll build on the skills required to work collaboratively and on your own in Microsoft Office 365. The objectives covered in this study guide are directed toward readers who use Office 365 at the feature and functionality level. This study guide is not a comprehensive guide to how to administer Office 365 for a small business or in a larger organization.

     224 p cit 07/05/2013 112 1

  • Modular Java Creating Flexible Applications with OSGi and Spring

    Modular Java Creating Flexible Applications with OSGi and Spring

    Welcome to the world of modular Java! Building and deploying monolithic applications is a thing of the past. Applications that are composed of several smaller, well-defined modules are a much better way to go. By hiding design and implementation details that are likely to change behind a stable API, each module is easier to maintain, test, and understand. This ultimately affects the overall maintainability and testability of the whole...

     245 p cit 07/05/2013 100 1

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