• Professional java user interfaces

    Professional java user interfaces

    This chapter provides a comprehensive introduction to the design and development of Java applications with non-trivial user interfaces. After introducing a general-purpose reference model that will guide our discussion in the remainder of the book, we introduce the organizational aspects related to UI development, discussing the role of people in the entire software lifecycle process for GUI software. We then consider the issue of early...

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  • Test Driven practical TDD and Acceptance TDD for Java Developers

    Test Driven practical TDD and Acceptance TDD for Java Developers

    Seven years ago, in the midst of a global IT boom, programming shops of all shapes and sizes were racing like mad toward the next IPO, and the job market was hotter than ever. I had been pulled into the booming new media industry and was just starting my programming career, spending long days and nights hacking away at random pieces of code, configuring servers, uploading PHP scripts to a live production system, and generally acting like I...

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  • Automating ActionScript Projects with Eclipse and Ant

    Automating ActionScript Projects with Eclipse and Ant

    Let me start by saying I’m a lazy developer by design. I’d rather spend a day to code something once than code the same task over and over again. The same goes for processes: why do repetitive tasks if you can automate them? Imagine all the time you’ll save. We live in a world where time is scarce and where project managers are breathing down our necks to get that specific feature, that deployment, or that project done now.

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  • HTML5 Game most wanted build the best HTML5 games

    HTML5 Game most wanted build the best HTML5 games

    HTML5 is a “game changer,” allowing web browsers on such diverse hardware as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers to display the same games, interactive ads, and rich-media applications that were previously only possible as long as the end-user had downloaded the appropriate third-party plug-ins, most notably Flash. With the advent of HTML5, programmers are able to create cross-platform web applications. The authors of this book...

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  • Firebug Starter

    Firebug Starter

    Firebug is one of the most popular and powerful web development tools. It is a free and open source tool, available as a Mozilla Firefox extension, which allows the debugging, editing, and monitoring of any website's CSS, HTML, DOM, and JavaScript. It allows the performance analysis of a website and has a JavaScript console for logging errors, watching values, and analyzing stack traces.

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  • Practical JIRA Plugins

    Practical JIRA Plugins

    This book is about plugins for JIRA, the popular issue tracker from Atlassian. An issue tracker lets people collaborate better when there are things to be done. You can use an issue tracker for everything from tracking bugs in software, to customer support requests, and beyond. Plugins extend what JIRA can do and can be developed separately from JIRA. This book is intended for people who want to create and maintain JIRA plugins. Plugins have...

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  • Applied Java™ Patterns

    Applied Java™ Patterns

    During the many Java™ programming language courses we teach, we have found that only a few programmers know what design patterns are when asked. About one in ten is able to name a few patterns off the top of his or her head. Of course, the concepts behind the patterns are familiar to many programmers. When we demonstrate patterns in the classroom, developers know and recognize them. We decided to create a pattern catalog for the Java...

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  • jQuery: Novice to Ninja

    jQuery: Novice to Ninja

    No matter what kind of ninja you are—a cooking ninja, a corporate lawyer ninja, or an actual ninja ninja—virtuosity lies in first mastering the basic tools of the trade. Once conquered, it’s then up to the full-fledged ninja to apply that knowledge in creative and inventive ways.

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  • Silverlight 4 Problem - Design - Solution

    Silverlight 4 Problem - Design - Solution

    Through the years, there have been numerous technologies and programming methodologies invented for the sole purpose of enhancing the end user experience of a website. What started out as static content pages in HTML quickly morphed into dynamic pages powered by technologies like ASP.NET. With these dynamic pages, developers could finally put together actual applications on the Web; soon, with additional enhancements like AJAX, full...

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  • Jenkins: The Definitive Also Covershudson

    Jenkins: The Definitive Also Covershudson

    This book is aimed at relatively technical readers, though no prior experience with Continuous Integration is assumed. You may be new to Continuous Integration, and would like to learn about the benefits it can bring to your development team. Or, you might be using Jenkins or Hudson already, and want to discover how you can take your Continuous Integration infrastructure further.

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  • BackTrack 5 Cookbook

    BackTrack 5 Cookbook

    BackTrack is a Linux-based penetration testing arsenal that aids security professionals in the ability to perform assessments in a purely native environment dedicated to hacking. BackTrack is a distribution based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution aimed at digital forensics and penetration testing use. It is named after backtracking, a search algorithm.

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  • Event Processing in Action

    Event Processing in Action

    Event processing is an emerging area. The term event processing refers to an approach to software systems that is based on the idea of events, and that includes specific logic to filter, transform, or detect patterns in events as they occur. Recent years have seen the appearance of various commercial products and open source offerings that serve as generic event processing software platforms. According to some studies, this is the fastest...

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