• Getting Started with Metro Style Apps

    Getting Started with Metro Style Apps

    The personal computer (PC), which first hit the market over 30 years ago, has undergone tectonic changes that, in turn, launched the PC era. PCs were primarily used in the workplace where software was simple and optimized for use with the keyboard; touching a screen was unheard of until recently. Slowly computers began creeping into the home and many users didn’t know what to do with them; they were glorified typewriters.

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  • Connect Database with PHP Website

    Connect Database with PHP Website

    This chapter will talk about the way to manage MySQL database by using PHP. PHP has lots of function and method to do operation with MySQL such as creating new database, creating new table, managing data in the table, etc.

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  • Programming Concurrency on the JVM

    Programming Concurrency on the JVM

    Speed. Aside from caffeine, nothing quickens the pulse of a programmer as much as the blazingly fast execution of a piece of code. How can we fulfill the need for computational speed? Moore’s law takes us some of the way, but multicore is the real future. To take full advantage of multicore, we need to program with concurrency in mind.

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  • Access Database Design & Programming, 3rd Edition

    Access Database Design & Programming, 3rd Edition

    Let me begin by thanking all of those readers who have helped to make the first edition of this book so very successful. Also, my sincere thanks go to the many readers who have written some very flattering reviews of the first edition on amazon.com and on O’Reilly’s own web site. Keep them coming. With the recent release of Office 2000, and in view of the many suggestions I have received concerning the first edition of the book, it seemed...

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  • Access 2007 VBA Bible

    Access 2007 VBA Bible

    Welcome to the Access 2007 VBA Bible. Like all books in the Bible series, you can expect to find both hands-on tutorials and real-world practical application information, as well as reference and background information that provides a context for what you are learning. This book is a fairly comprehensive resource on writing VBA code to exchange data among the main Office applications (Access, Word, Excel, and Outlook), using Access as the...

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  • HTML & XML for beginners

    HTML & XML for beginners

    Thanks to Casey Doyle, Aileen Wrothwell, Sally Stickney, Jim Johnson, Rita Breedlove, and the rest of the Microsoft Press gang for trusting me with this project and maintaining such an unbelievable level of quality with the content of the book. An enormous thanks goes to my literary agent, Chris Van Buren, who keeps me in business. And finally, a special thanks goes to my wife, Masheed, my parents, and all of my wonderful friends and family...

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  • Programming Google App Engine

    Programming Google App Engine

    On the Internet, popularity is swift and fleeting. A mention of your website on a popular blog can bring 300,000 potential customers your way at once, all expecting to find out who you are and what you have to offer. But if you’re a small company just starting out, your hardware and software aren’t likely to be able to handle that kind of traffic. Chances are, you’ve sensibly built your site to handle the 30,000 visits per hour you’re...

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  • HTML5 Canvas for games and entertainment

    HTML5 Canvas for games and entertainment

    We!re going to start right at the beginning. In this chapter, we!ll look at the history of HTML, to understand where we!ve come from and where we!re headed. Next, we!ll explore the new features that HTML5 brings to the table, detailing how and when they should be used. We!ll then deconstruct an example web page created using HTML5 to better understand how it could be applied in authentic situations. And lastly, we ll clear up some of the...

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  • Codelgniter for Rapid PHP application development

    Codelgniter for Rapid PHP application development

    This book sets out to explain some of the main features of CI. It doesn't cover them all, or cover any of them in full detail. CI comes with an excellent on-line User Guide that explains most things. This is downloaded with the CI files. This book doesn't try to duplicate the User Guide. Instead it tries to make it easier for you to pick up how the CI framework works, so you can decide whether it is right for you, and start using it quickly.

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  • Java studio creator field guide second edition

    Java studio creator field guide second edition

    Creator depends on multiple technologies, so it’s worthwhile touching on them in this chapter. If you’re new to Java, many of its parts and acronyms can be daunting. Java technologies are divided into related packages containing classes and interfaces. To build an application, you might need parts of one system and parts of another.

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  • RT Essentials

    RT Essentials

    I first wrote RT because I had to. I was a summer intern for a now-defunct web design shop called Utopia Inc. Half my time was to be spent hacking Perl code for customer projects. The other half of my time, I was to be the office’s second sysadmin. The company did most everything by email, including ask the other sysadmin, my boss, to take care of work. Everything the company’s 30-member staff needed us to do ended up in her inbox. When I...

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  • DO-IT-Yourself websites for Dummies

    DO-IT-Yourself websites for Dummies

    If you’re feeling left out of the mad scramble to establish a presence on the Internet, relax — you’re not alone. And it’s not too late. Despite the hype, a few businesses still don’t have Web sites. And, even if you have one, you’re probably still trying to figure out how to make your site better or more profitable, or you’re already thinking that it’s time to redesign.

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