• Access Database Design & Programming, 3rd Edition

    Access Database Design & Programming, 3rd Edition

    Let me begin by thanking all of those readers who have helped to make the first edition of this book so very successful. Also, my sincere thanks go to the many readers who have written some very flattering reviews of the first edition on amazon.com and on O’Reilly’s own web site. Keep them coming. With the recent release of Office 2000, and in view of the many suggestions I have received concerning the first edition of the book, it seemed...

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  • HTML & XML for beginners

    HTML & XML for beginners

    Thanks to Casey Doyle, Aileen Wrothwell, Sally Stickney, Jim Johnson, Rita Breedlove, and the rest of the Microsoft Press gang for trusting me with this project and maintaining such an unbelievable level of quality with the content of the book. An enormous thanks goes to my literary agent, Chris Van Buren, who keeps me in business. And finally, a special thanks goes to my wife, Masheed, my parents, and all of my wonderful friends and family...

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  • Programming Firefox

    Programming Firefox

    A technology is only a tool. No matter how creative its design, innovative its approach, or impressive its performance, a technology is still defined (according to Webster) as “a manner of accomplishing a task.” The successful adoption of a technology into the community of those who rely on it to conduct business is a complicated journey—one that starts with the unyielding work of designers who see something that others don’t. But...

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  • HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS

    HTML Utopia:  Designing Without Tables Using CSS

    I was already in my 50s when the World Wide Web burst upon the scene. Having spent most of my life to that point as a writer and editor, I naturally gravitated to the publishing side of the coin, rather than remaining content to be an amazed consumer of all the wonderful information and connections that began to flow from it.

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  • Becoming Agile in an imperfect world

    Becoming Agile in an imperfect world

    In 2005 I began teaching an Agile Project Management course at Bellevue Community College. Although my students noted I was a bit “wordy,” they appreciated the real-world case study I used for the course, based on my own agile experiences. I told the students I had created the course because most available agile training was based on perfect world explanations of agile practices and the creation of a pure agile environment. The case study...

     410 p cit 06/05/2013 26 1

  • MySQL and Java Developer’s Guide

    MySQL and Java Developer’s Guide

    Have you ever been assigned a project and realized that you had no idea how you were going to accomplish it? Many developers have experienced this feeling when asked to interface their code with a database. With a few exceptions, most developers were busy learning Lisp, linked lists, and big-O notation during their formal education instead of learning the fundamentals of relationship database management systems. When the time comes to...

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  • Getting Started with Metro Style Apps

    Getting Started with Metro Style Apps

    The personal computer (PC), which first hit the market over 30 years ago, has undergone tectonic changes that, in turn, launched the PC era. PCs were primarily used in the workplace where software was simple and optimized for use with the keyboard; touching a screen was unheard of until recently. Slowly computers began creeping into the home and many users didn’t know what to do with them; they were glorified typewriters.

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  • Java tools for Extreme programming

    Java tools for Extreme programming

    This book describes techniques for implementing the Extreme Programming practices of automated testing and continuous integration using open source tools. Let's unpack that statement. Automated testing and continuous integration are 2 of the 12 core practices of the Extreme Programming (XP) software development methodology. Extreme Programming is a lightweight software development process that focuses on feedback, communication, simplicity,...

     417 p cit 25/03/2013 26 2

  • Macs for Dummies

    Macs for Dummies

    What an amazing time to get to know the Mac. For years these elegantly designed computers have been a model of simplicity and virus-free stability. But that’s never stopped Apple from making these machines even harder to resist by applying stunning changes.

     410 p cit 23/04/2013 26 1

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