• HTML5 Using Games to Learn HTML5 and JavaScript

    HTML5 Using Games to Learn HTML5 and JavaScript

    There's been considerable enthusiasm about the new capabilities of HTML5, and even suggestions that no other technologies or products are necessary to produce dynamic, engrossing, interactive web sites. That may be overstating things, but it is true the new features are exciting. It now is possible, using just HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript, to draw lines, arcs, circles and ovals on the screen and specify events and event...

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  • Beginning Javascript 4th edition

    Beginning Javascript 4th edition

    JavaScript is a scripting language that enables you to enhance static web applications by providing dynamic, personalized, and interactive content. This improves the experience of visitors to your site and makes it more likely that they will visit again. You must have seen the fl ashy drop-down menus, moving text, and changing content that are now widespread on web sites — they are enabled through JavaScript. Supported by all the major...

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