C++ Programs to Accompany Programming Logic and Design

C++ Programs to Accompany Programming Logic and Design (also known as C++ PAL) is designed to provide students with an opportunity to write C++ programs as part of an Introductory Programming Logic course. It is written to be a companion text to the student’s primary text, Programming Logic and Design, Fifth Edition, by Joyce Farrell. This textbook assumes no programming language experience and provides the beginning programmer with a guide to writing structured programs and simple object-oriented programs using introductory elements of the popular C++ programming language. It is not intended to be a textbook for a course in C++ programming. The writing is non-technical and emphasizes good programming practices. The examples do not assume mathematical background beyond high school math. Additionally, the examples illustrate one or two major points; they do not contain so many features that students become lost following irrelevant and extraneous details.