English Grammar Understanding the Basics

Ourgoal in thisbook is to help you learn about English grammar in as simple and straightforward a way as possible. The book was inspired by our students, most of whom panic when we say words like adjective, subject, and passive. We believe that panic will be replaced by knowledge and con¢dence as readers work their way through this userfriendly book. Who is this book for? It’s for anyone who needs or wants to understand English grammar. That includes readers who: (1) want to improve their writing; (2) are studying a foreign language; (3) are or want to be teachers; (4) are learning English as a second language; (5) are or want to be professionals such as speech^language pathologists and attorneys; (6) are interested in how English works. The book is self-guided and selfpaced; it can be used alone or as part of a course.