Event Processing in Action

Event processing is an emerging area. The term event processing refers to an approach to software systems that is based on the idea of events, and that includes specific logic to filter, transform, or detect patterns in events as they occur. Recent years have seen the appearance of various commercial products and open source offerings that serve as generic event processing software platforms. According to some studies, this is the fastest growing segment of enterprise middleware software. Although interest in this subject is growing, gaining a deep understanding of event processing is still a challenge. As it is a relatively new area, it is not surprising that several different approaches to event processing have been evolving in parallel. This means that when trying to
understand what event processing is, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. Our intention in writing this book was is to dive deeply into the meaning of event processing (the forest) and to give you an opportunity to experience event processing by using some of its languages and tools (the trees).