Java 7 recipes a problem - solution approach

The Java programming language was first introduced in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Derived from languages such as C and C++, Java was designed to be moreintuitive and easier to use than older languages, specifically due to its simplistic object model and automated facilities such as memory management. At the time, Java drew the interest of developers because of its object-oriented, concurrent
architecture; excellent security and scalability; and because applications developed in the Java language
could be run on any operating system that contained a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Since its inception, Java has been described as a language that allows developers to “write once, run everywhere” as code is compiled into class files that contain bytecode, and the resulting class files can run on any compliant JVM. This concept made Java an immediate success for desktop development, which later branched off into different technological solutions over the years, including development of web-based applications and rich Internet applications (RIAs). Today, Java is deployed on a broad range of devices including mobile phones, printers, medical devices, blue ray players, and so on.