Network Protocols Handbook Second Edition

We are living in the IT(Information Technologies) times. The IT provides us many powerful tools that have significantly changed our way of life, work and business operations. Among all the IT advancements, Internet has the most impact in every aspect of our society for the past 20 years. From Internet, people can get instant news, communicate with others, use it as a super-encyclopedia and find anything that they are interested in via search engines at their finger tips; Company can conduct business to business(B2B), business to consumer(B2C), with great efficiency; Government can announce polices, publicize regulations, and provide administrative information and
services to the general public. Internet not only provides unprecedented convenience to our daily life, but also opens up new areas of disciplines and commercial opportunities that have boosted overall economy by creating many new jobs. It is reported that Internet will become a $20 trillion industry in the near future.