PostgreSQL Second Edition

PostgreSQL is a relational database with a long history. In the late 1970s, the University of California at Berkeley began development of PostgreSQL's ancestor—a relational database known as Ingres. Relational Technologies turned Ingres into a commercial product. Relational Technologies became Ingres Corporation and was later acquired by Computer Associates. Around 1986, Michael Stonebraker from UC Berkeley led a team that added object-oriented features to the core of Ingres; the new version became known as Postgres. Postgres was again commercialized; this time by a company named Illustra, which became part of the Informix Corporation. Andrew Yu and Jolly Chen added SQL support to Postgres in the mid-'90s.
Prior versions had used a different, Postgres-specific query language known as Postquel. In 1996, many new features were added, including the MVCC transaction model, more adherence to the SQL92 standard, and many performance improvements. Postgres once again took on a new name: PostgreSQL.