Secrets of the Oracle Database Advanced administration, tuning, and troubleshooting using undocumented features

Secrets of the ORACLE Database brings together a wealth of information on undocumented as well as incompletely documented features of the ORACLE database management system (DBMS). It has been my goal to combine many of the hidden features of the ORACLE database server into a single source. You will be hard-pressed to find the same density of material on advanced, undocumented topics in another book. Certain topics addressed may also be found in articles on the Internet, but I have striven to provide more background information and indepth examples than are usually available on the Internet. The book also contains a significant amount of original material, such as the inclusion of think time in resource profiles for performance diagnosis, an emergency procedure for the conversion of a RAC installation to a single instance installation, as well as the integration of Statspack, Active Workload Repository, and Active Session History with SQL trace.