• Learning UML 2.0

    Learning UML 2.0

    "Since its original introduction in 1997, the Unified Modeling Language has revolutionized software development. Every integrated software development environment in the world--open-source, standards-based, and proprietary--now supports UML and, more importantly, the model-driven approach to software development. This makes learning the newest UML standard, UML 2.0, critical for all software developers--and there isn't a better choice than...

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  • Oracle SQL Jumpstart with Examples

    Oracle SQL Jumpstart with Examples

    The title of this book was originally Oracle SQL Reference, but during the writing process, we set our hearts on the new title Oracle SQL Jumpstart with Examples. Why “with Examples”? This book is still an Oracle SQL reference manual simply by the nature of its structure and content. However, it is a reference manual with much added usefulness. The book contains an absolute plethora of properly tested example Oracle SQL code.

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  • Beginning Oracle Application Express

    Beginning Oracle Application Express

    Oracle Application Express is an easy-to-use application development environment built on the Oracle technology stack. There are two aspects of that previous sentence that you may find jarring — that Oracle, a company widely known for its database technology, has an application development environment, and that Oracle, a company thought of as delivering high-end, enterprise-ready technology, has anything that is easy to use. But, as this...

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  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 High Availability

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 High Availability

    The term High Availability means that the servers or systems that host or run the business-critical applications should be highly available 24 X 7. As the word itself defines how important it is to make these applications and data available for end-users as well as business users, if this data is not available for a short time, it will be a big problem for both sets of users. Imagine a bank spread across the country and having a huge customer...

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  • Oracle XSQL Combining SQL, Oracle Text, XSLT, and Java to Publish Dynamic Web Content

    Oracle XSQL Combining SQL, Oracle Text, XSLT, and Java to Publish Dynamic Web Content

    Welcome to the exciting world of eXtended Structured Query Language (XSQL) development! What’s so exciting? Efficiency and ease of use. XSQL isn’t some razzle-dazzle technology to wow your users. It also isn’t the latest X standard du jour that no one can stop talking about—until you ask, “But what does it do for me today?” The problem with all of the great stuff out there is that no one technology does it all. AWeb server...

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  • Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases

    Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases

    This training kit is designed for information technology (IT) professionals who support or plan to support Microsoft SQL Server 2012 databases and who also plan to take Exam 70-462, “Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases.” It is assumed that before you begin using this kit, you have a solid, foundation-level understanding of SQL Server 2012 and have used the product extensively either in one of the release candidate versions or...

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  • SQL Server 2008 R2 UNLEASHED

    SQL Server 2008 R2 UNLEASHED

    Over the past decade, SQL Server has established itself as a robust and reliable database platform whose performance, scalability, and reliability meet the implementation needs of businesses and corporations from small desktop applications on up to multiterabyte enterprise-wide systems. The updates and enhancements in SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 further solidify its position in the marketplace as a robust enterprise-wide database...

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  • SAP Basis Installation on UNIX: Oracle Database Release

    SAP Basis Installation on UNIX: Oracle Database Release

    Before you can begin with the installation of the main SAP components, you have to plan the configuration of the system. This involves deciding which components you need and working out how these must be distributed to hosts. Normally an SAP hardware partner can assist you in this task. On the basis of information about the expected workload, set of applications that are to be deployed and number of users, the partner can recommend a feasible...

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  • PostgreSQL 9 Administration Cookbook

    PostgreSQL 9 Administration Cookbook

    PostgreSQL is an advanced SQL database server, available on a wide range of platforms and is fast becoming one of the world's most popular server databases with an enviable reputation for performance, stability, and an enormous range of advanced features. PostgreSQL is one of the oldest open source projects, completely free to use, and developed by a very diverse worldwide community. Most of all, it just works!

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  • Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer Study Guide

    Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer Study Guide

    You should find this book useful whether you are pursuing Java certification or want to round out your knowledge and gain further confidence in using Java. This book takes a different approach to prepare you for certification. It is designed to provide you with coverage of the topics found in the exam and to provide additional insights in to the use of Java and the development of Java applications. By providing a broader coverage, it goes...

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  • Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I Volume 2 - Student Guide

    Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I Volume 2 - Student Guide

    Data is manipulated, or modified, by the DML class of SQL statements: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and MERGE. These statements execute as part of a transaction, which starts with the first successful DML statement and ends with either a COMMIT or ROLLBACK command. A transaction is either entirely committed or entirely rolled back. In addition to the explicit COMMIT or ROLLBACK commands, they can also occur implicitly. For example, rollback may...

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  • Refactoring SQL Applications

    Refactoring SQL Applications

    THERE IS A STORY BEHIND THIS BOOK. I HAD HARDLY FINISHED THE ART OF SQL, WHICH WASN’T ON sale yet, when my then editor, Jonathan Gennick, raised the idea of writing a book about SQL refactoring. SQL, I knew. But I had never heard about refactoring. I Googled the word. In a famous play by Molière, a wealthy but little-educated man who takes lessons in his mature years marvels when he discovers that he has been speaking “prose” for all...

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